Fleet Maintenance

We carry out scheduled servicing for a vast array of customers from highway transport Prime Movers & Trailers to Motorhomes, Oil tanker Trailers & Trucks to customised horse floats & delivery vehicles. This includes fleet maintenance for large national companies with local Depots.  In many instances we have done so for many years – some for longer than 20 years.  We have service sheets for all our OEM (original equipment manufacturers) which covers all components of vehicles ensuring a thorough & comprehensive standard of checks & measures in order to maintain a safe & roadworthy state. Where required, we are able to provide copies of service sheets to the customer.  Any major or additional repairs that may be identified as necessary during service are discussed with the customer prior to any work being carried out.

Well maintained vehicles are far less likely to breakdown – an event that invariably occurs at an inconvenient time & place.  We strongly recommend the use of systematic regular maintenance in line with each manufacturer’s specification which can vary enormously in order to minimize downtime.

  • Fleet Maintenance – As current service agents for several fleets we work with the customer as much as is possible to have the vehicle on the road at the time required. If possible provided there is no safety issue, vehicles can be released for operation & return for additional repairs that may be required.
  • We are authorised repairers & have an established relationship with several Fleet Management companies including SG Fleet, Smart Fleet & Lease Plan.