Truck Repairs

In today’s world, truck repairs is a highly specialised field, with complex electronic control & monitoring systems in all makes of vehicles.

As such, individual equipment manufacturers have their own specific diagnostic equipment & it is in the interest of the customer to deal with a company which has not just experience but the equipment & specialised tooling required to work on their vehicles. As the authorised Parts & Service Dealer for Cummins Engines, we carry & have access to the Cummins diagnostic system. We are also Dealers for the Volvo Group which encompasses the Mack, Volvo & UD brands & as such are fully equipped for work on these makes of vehicles. We also carry diagnostic equipment for Isuzu Trucks.

We work on all components of heavy commercial vehicles, with extensive experience in Engine repairs from minor repairs to complete rebuilds. We work with the customer to plan the most time & cost effective method of getting their vehicle back on the road. Specific tooling is required for many aspects of heavy mechanical repairs & we have the tools required for the manufacturers in which we specialise. We also work on all other systems including Clutch & Transmission replacement, complete Brake overhauls, repairs to Drivelines, Suspension & Air system. We are also able to arrange sublet Electrical & Air Conditioning Repairs as they are identified during the course of other repairs. We have a strong understanding of road transport regulations & can advise & assist to ensure the customer’s vehicle is ADR compliant.

We understand that time is money & we aim to carry out all repairs in as timely a fashion as is reasonably possible. We do rely on the co-operation of the customer in making decisions as, being a regional centre, we are bound by freight pickup deadlines as this can add to the time frame of any repair. 

As a workshop we pride ourselves on doing the job correctly & we stand by the work we carry out. We are confident our reputation speaks for itself. We will always be honest & upfront when dealing with the customer in all situations. We are very aware that we are working on costly & often highly technical equipment.

While the ideal situation is for all repairs to be carried out within the workshop, we understand this is not always possible & where & if necessary repairs can be carried out on the roadside or on site at the customer’s property.